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What have we at Poppies been doing to increase security, in the wake of the October 2005 bombings? - that is a question that Poppies Restaurant guests, and prospective Poppies Cottages guests have been asking more than once, and it's a question they deserve an answer to.

Tour Operators wishing to continue recommending Poppies have also been asking the same question.

Our reply must commence with the following: public awareness of lingering threats has actually increased precisely because the Indonesian police have been having success uncovering the workings of the bombers, and in so doing have come into possession of details about their now disrupted plans to destabilize Indonesia and its government. The supposed planners of more outrages have been dealt a serious blow, as the country's senior muslim clerics have recently joined forces with the government, police and armed forces to mobilize in any way possible against this group. This follows discovery that there were plans to target not just Bali, but also Jakarta, and other parts of Java and other provinces.

For our part, we have been holding meetings with our neighbours and fellow business owners in Poppies Lane 1, with a view to cooperating to make it a safer area than it was. As a start, we have beefed up our own security staff to 5 men, and due to the serious downturn in business at our restaurant, we have recruited waiters, who have less serving to do these days, to join the team on a daily basis as well. We now provide continuous and effective security at Poppies Restaurant during opening hours, and round-the-clock security at Poppies Cottages. We have instigated standardized security checks on ALL persons who wish to enter either the restaurant or the cottages area. This includes all suppliers of course, who must provide ID before entering our premises. We are also looking at CCTV security camera systems for the lane, along our own stretch of it.

A friendly face to welcome you

Our security team members are now dressed in traditional Balinese costume, similar to that worn by the highly revered temple guards for hundreds of years. The aim of these precautions is to prevent any plans from ever being made. No one in the world can protect against suicide bombers, but at least we can try to deny them the opportunity to plan their deeds.

We hope that before much longer, Kuta itself will have a plan for its own greater security - this is a very complex issue, but it is being addressed in a positive way by our community. In the meantime Poppies Lane becomes a zone of peace, so that visitors can feel safe while strolling along it.`

Posted on Saturday 10 December, 2005 by GM - General -

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