'Nyepi' Day, Bali's biggest festival - out with the old, and in with the new

A giant monster, or "ogoh-ogoh"
This was the scene just metres from Poppies on Jalan Legian, on the night of 18 March. Symbolizing evil and other destabilising forces, gigantic papier-mache monsters - made mainly by the youth from each local community throughout Bali - are paraded along the streets as noisily as possible, accompanied by gamelan bands, and beautifully costumed dancers, as part of a centuries-old annual cleansing ritual.

Next day is the Day of Silence ("Nyepi"), representing the dawn of a promising new year in the Balinese calendar. All shops and businesses close, and traffic ceases completely. Even Bali's airport closes for 24 hours.

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