Yes, 35 Years!

January 12, 1973 was an auspicious day in Bali - it was the day that Poppies was born. Who would have imagined its staff and management would be celebrating a 35th anniversary some day?

We would like to thank our generations of patrons, who from that day 35 years ago, have found their way to Poppies. We were difficult to find in those early 70s, because we were so far from the centre of Kuta along a nameless dusty lane (just 50 metres actually), and such a long way from the beach along a sandy track through the coconut plantations (just 200 metres). We are difficult to find these days, because we are so centrally located in the heart of the congestion that now envelops Kuta. Yet still you manage to find us! Well, that tells a story, and the story will continue.

Poppies Bali staff now totals over 120. One of these, "Jeffrey", has been working the bar since 1973, and is seen here with the founder, at the staff celebration on Jan 12th. He has a few stories to tell, when you are next in Bali.

The Kopi Pot restaurant now has 33 staff.

Strawberry Hill, in the mountains at Bedugul has 5 - a project is underway there to build comfortable cabins that will complement the restaurant.

Spectacular beachfront Poppies in Koh Samui, Thailand, has a first class team of 92, which makes a visit to the island a top priority.

Your support has provided generations of young Balinese and Thais with jobs, and supported their extended families. We plan to continue travelling along this now world-famous 'Poppies Lane'.

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