Poppies email disrupted due to quake in Taiwan

Taiwan quake
Internet and phone companies in Asia may take at least two weeks to restore services as they struggle to fix undersea cables damaged by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake off Taiwan on Tuesday 26th December.

We are not able to connect to the Internet to pick up email. This also affects the Poppies web cams. However, the fax and phone lines are functioning. While the Internet is 'down' in Indonesia, as a result of the Taiwan quake, please contact us for bookings and enquiries as follows:

Phone +62 361 751059 (24 hours, 5 lines)
Fax +62 361 752364 (24 hours)

Posted on Thursday 28 December, 2006 by GM - General -

TVs in Poppies?

Sacrilege! Abomination! After all these years of telling people we are following the majority view that TVs would be superfluous in Poppies, here we are installing them. Well, Cable TV now passes our front gate. Flat-screen LCDs are now really quite elegant, and the price has become less outrageous. And... we must admit there have been more than just one or two guests who have commented on the absence of a TV to date. There is no doubt we need to please as many potential guests as possible these days.

So now each cottage has the added facility of a Sony 23" wide-screen LCD TV with 40 channels available, together with brand-new DVD player for screening movies. The screen swivels to face either the bed or the seating alcove.

Ready for iPod
IPod and other MP3 users are also catered for - there is now a connector to the existing in-room audio system.

Of course, if any of our frequent-visitor guests were to still regard TV as an unwanted intrusion, we can remove it and retract its little stand back into the wall above the refrigerator in a jiffy...

Posted on Saturday 23 December, 2006 by GM - General -

As Christmas approaches, an all-round Improvement in Bali's Security Situation

After a break of several months, our News Page is back, as the Poppies Bali Blog. With this first entry, we are unfortunately also back on the same old subject - why Bali (and in particular Kuta) continues to be avoided by so many potential visitors, resulting in the steadily increasing impoverishment of a majority of ordinary Balinese, whose economic dependence on tourism cannot simply be changed from one year to the next.

As we approach Christmas and New Year again, for the fifth time since the first Bali Bombs in 2002, there has been a buzz of discussion as to whether Indonesia can expect yet more disturbances - it's sad that in part because last Christmas there were NO bombs, people have come to expect something to happen this year. We can still hope that this rather shaky 'logic' is unfounded - after all, the illogical is more often the norm in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the recent news of the Indonesian Supreme Court's decision to overturn muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir's terror conviction for involvement in the 2002 bombing due to a lack of evidence has been linked by the media with these pre-Chistmas mutterings, and with the fact that the so-called bombing mastermind from Malaysia, Noordin Top, is still in hiding. Even CNN and BBC had this 'non-story', prompting the Indonesian intelligence agency chief to state that there is no reason whatsoever to believe attacks are planned for Christmas / New Year.

Increasing numbers of travellers are voting with their feet, and choosing to disregard the endless Australian and US travel warnings to 'reconsider travel to Bali'. The fact that travel warnings on visits to the UK (now the world's acknowledged no. 1 target for acts of terror, following recent disclosures by Scotland Yard) are at a much lower level, if they exist at all, seems a little lop-sided - travellers to the UK are asked to merely 'exercise caution' (when they go on London's Underground for instance) see link.


There is no longer any doubt that anti-terror forces in Indonesia are working at a similar pace to their UK and other counterparts to counter terrorism. A recent Australian-instigated audit of the security situation in Bali by the company that has managed Sydney Airport's security for the past 38 years - SNP Security - has just published a very positive report. Please take a minute to look at this link.

If you have enjoyed a visit to Bali in the past, or if you were always intending to make one but didn't yet, why not indeed reconsider your travel plans, and include Bali this coming year!

In the meantime we at Poppies wish you all

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007!

Posted on Friday 22 December, 2006 by GM - General -

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