Forty Years of Poppies Restaurant. 12 January 2013

40 years of the same ownership
Four decades of continuous and successful operation under the same ownership might be considered quite an achievement by some. But all we have done is keep on keeping on.

Over the years Poppies Restaurant is proud to have welcomed in the vicinity of 3 million Bali visitors to its garden oasis, from countries far and wide.

Our staff

Many return, some with their children, and now even their children's children, and all are looking for what they enjoyed the first time - which is what we try to give them again. Chances are that they are served by the young and friendly offspring of staff who looked after them or their parents many years ago, and who this time around may have had the added benefit of some training at a hotel school.

Proud to be 40

As we celebrate the past forty years we look ahead to the future. The old kitchens are being torn down and replaced in their entirety. Sparkling new fixtures and equipment will enable our team to do an even better job of providing the Poppies dining experience to yet another generation of guests.

Older and younger staff
Meanwhile we continue to introduce minor changes and upgrades. Chef Ngurah has instigated an array of impressive Daily Specials, to complement our regular menu, which itself has been reviewed and added to, without taking away those favourites from the past. New and beautiful batik tablecloths give us a new aesthetic dimension, and the recently renovated washrooms have attracted much favourable comment. Our signage and our exterior walls have also been spruced up.

Despite massive competition and Bali's current congestion difficulties, Poppies moves ahead confidently into its fifth decade.

Posted on Wednesday 16 January, 2013 by GM - General -

Poppies has a new Chef!

A A Ngurah Wirabawa
It's with great pleasure and mouth-watering anticipation that we introduce to the world the newest member of the Poppies team,
A A Ngurah Wirabawa, who has just commenced his new job as Executive Chef of both Poppies Restaurant and Kopi Pot Restaurant.

Chef Ngurah brings us a wealth of experience, having been Executive Chef in many well-known hotels and restaurants from Bali to Europe to Palau in the Pacific Ocean, and we feel fortunate to have enticed him to venture down Poppies Lane.

Chef Ngurah will make sure that your old favourites remain as tasty as ever, while gradually introducing modern ideas of his own which we feel confident will only enhance the decades old Poppies dining experience.

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37, and counting...

37th Birthday Celebrations

Another Poppies anniversary, celebrated with a Blessing, followed by special eats, and preceded by an early morning beach cleanup by staff.

The staff clean up the beach in the morning.

Posted on Sunday 07 March, 2010 by GM - General -

Lunch at the pool

The pool side terrace
Adding to the ambiance at Poppies pool area is the recently completed mini lunch terrace beside the pool bar, and overlooking the swimming pool.

3 tables are set up daily, shaded by parasols, and gentle background music is available while you dine, should you require it.

Posted on Saturday 06 March, 2010 by GM - General -

One less towering palm

That already-ancient coconut grove in which Poppies was built in 1980 gets more and more ancient. At that time most of what is now Kuta's built up area was covered by similar coconut plantations.

According to an expert we spoke to at that time some of our trees were 75 years old then, meaning some that remain today are well over 100 years old. Every now and again one of the grove's tallest members begins to 'lose its grip', and it's time for some euthanasia.

Pak Budi has been our agile Balinese tree surgeon for many years. He is seen here doing what he does best on an 18 metre specimen.

He works with the simplest of equipment - an axe and some rope - and has refused offers of modern gadgetry, which make him feel unsafe.

Posted on Sunday 25 January, 2009 by GM - General -

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