Famous Barongs in Bali

Barong at Poppies
During their stay, many of our in-house guests come to regard the owners' little Shi-tzu 'Barong' as an important - albeit occasional - part of the scenery at Poppies, and its most amusing live entertainment. Therefore we felt it was time he made the Blog.

Of course this instant fame is in no way intended to diminish the standing of each and every one of our much harder working, and even more friendly members of staff who take care of them all.

Posted on Sunday 04 November, 2007 by GM - General


Maree Hermanto wrote:

I recently stayed at Poppies (with my husband, sister and my sister's husband). We loved staying at Poppies and we met Barong during our stay. He is so gorgeous. It was lovely to see him in the gardens. Thanks for a lovely stay and hello to Barong!

11/06/07 21:20:17

friend of JB wrote:

congrats on Barong' Blog!

He's such an adorable good will ambassador for Poppies - but hey,
what am I "chopped liver?"

his best buddy,


PS: I'm the orange streak you see him chasing thru the flower beds

11/07/07 16:42:31

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