Blessed, and ready to roll

Feast for the god of steel
Today, January 17, is the day on which Balinese give thanks to Sanghyang Pasupati, the god of steel, for all metal implements from sacred 'keris' daggers to craftsmen's tools of the trade, which protect or make life easier for their owners in their everyday lives. Nowadays motor vehicles clearly fall into that category, and today they venture out festooned with colourful palm leaf offerings tied to their front grills and mirrors, having been blessed with holy water, incense, and offerings of food and flowers in elaborate ceremonies.

Driver Gede with a difficult choice
Having just taken delivery of two brand new Toyota 'Innova' luxury 7-seater limousines for our guests' comfort while touring Bali or just travelling to and from the airport, today's blessing ceremonies at the Poppies staff-house were particularly important. One van will be based at Poppies, and the other at Villa Melati.

Driver Putu going nowhere
Seen here, as well as vehicles belonging to staff, are two lovingly preserved veterans from the mid 70s - Poppies' original yellow Datsun 'bemo' used to travel 14 kms to Denpasar market and back each day for the restaurant's supplies up until the 90s, while Management's sturdy Landcruiser is still very much in use today.

Elderly but elegant

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