One of Bali’s oldest restaurants, Poppies opened on 12 January 1973 along an empty sandy track leading to Kuta Beach that soon became known as Poppies Lane

For fifty years we have welcomed visitors and friends from around the world to these hanging gardens of Kuta, offering fine dining and calming respite from the ever-increasing hustle and bustle beyond our walls. Our menu includes several house favourites that remain as popular today as when we introduced them in 1973.

Our food is as fresh as can be, and contains no MSG. We still prepare our sauces and dressings daily from fresh ingredients.

For our gluten sensitive and vegetarian guests, we mark items accordingly. Please mention any other special needs to your waiter before ordering, and our chefs will do their best to accommodate them.


Indonesian dishes
(v) Vegetarian dishes
GF Gluten Free

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All prices in thousands


(v) Lumpia Rp. 55
vegetarian spring rolls, served with three sauces - tamarind, sweet and sour, and Thai mint

Home-made Chicken Liver Pâté Rp. 52
with gherkin pickle, and dried fruit compote

Garlic Prawns Rp. 89
cooked in garlic butter and served with brown bread

(v) Guacamole Rp. 68
mildly spicy avocados, with tomato, onion, lime juice and seasoning, served with Mexican taquitos and tortilla chips

Avocado Seafood Cocktail Rp. 75

Sashimi Rp. 58
our own version of the delicious Japanese favourite, sliced raw red tuna and butterfish, with wasabi


Hearty Chicken Soup Rp. 51
shredded chicken, carrot, potato and leeks

GF Tom Yam Talay Rp. 78
spicy Thai seafood soup with mushrooms, lemongrass, and galangal

GF (v) Home-made Tomato Rp. 52
another Poppies favourite since 1973 - served with a parmesan cheese crostini

GF Tom Kha Gai Rp. 65
the famous Thai soup - chicken pieces in a creamy coconut lemongrass broth


Classic Caesar Rp. 85
- topped with grilled chicken breast, add Rp. 25
- topped with grilled prawns, add Rp. 55

Calamari Salad Rp. 72
marinated steamed squid rings on mixed greens, tossed with a sweet chili lemon mint dressing

(v) Poppies Vegetable Salad Rp. 58
with your choice of dressing: avocado yoghurt, thousand island, Italian, or balsamic

Prawn Boat Rp. 95
a baby papaya filled with pieces of prawn, avocado, mango and fresh mushrooms, then topped with prawns

Thai Beef Salad Rp. 85
thin slices of grilled beef tossed with tomato, cucumber, shallots and a lime-chili vinaigrette

GF (v) Gado - Gado Rp. 52
a lightly steamed selection of green vegetables with bean sprouts, beancurd and spicy peanut sauce - served cool unless you prefer it heated

(v) Green Salad Rp. 53
with your choice of dressing: avocado yoghurt, thousand island, Italian, or balsamic

GF (v) Greek Salad Rp. 76
feta cheese, kalamata olives, onions, bell peppers, basil and lettuce, tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar

Warm Chicken Salad Rp. 72
a mixed salad with pan-seared marinated chicken breast and a yoghurt-based sauce


"RIJSTTAFEL" (rice table)
A truly magnificent feast of small tasty portions of Indonesian delights from all around the East Indies. This was the colonial Dutch way to sample the best food of Indonesia, and Poppies guests can enjoy the same experience today ( please allow 20-25 minutes for preparation)
Rp. 355 for two persons (the minimum) - add Rp. 185 for each additional person

Poppies Fisherman’s Basket Rp. 595 for TWO persons
poached lobster and king prawns, with deep-fried breaded scallops, red snapper fillets, and squid rings served with a selection of sauces including remoulade, sweet chili dip, and tempura sauce - and a mixed green salad with French fries

GF Catch of the Day Rp. 150
whole fresh fish - prepared according to your preference, with your choice of garnish: • garlic butter sauce • herb lemon butter sauce • creamy hot and sour sauce • sambal matah - served with salad.

Nasi Goreng Rp. 75
Indonesia’s best-known dish - stir-fried rice with shrimps, saté, fried chicken and pickles, topped with a fried egg and a prawn cracker

Seafood à la King Rp. 125
poached prawns, squid and fish in a white wine butter sauce, served with vegetables and steamed rice

GF Shish Kebabs Rp. 145
marinated imported beef on skewers, served at your table over charcoal, with sultana rice and salad

Calamari Rp. 125
deep fried, and served with tartare sauce, French fries and salad

Seafood Kebabs Rp. 140
with prawns, fish, and squid, served at your table over charcoal, with French fries and salad

Pork Spare Ribs Rp. 155
marinated in a smoky barbecue sauce, char grilled, and served with salad and pineapple rice

Supreme of Chicken Rp. 85
tender chicken breast sautéed with fresh mushrooms and in a three-peppercorn cream sauce, served with steamed broccoli and egg pasta

Seared Sesame-crusted Tuna Steak Rp. 105
with Dijon mustard and green peppercorn sauce.
Served with ratatouille and egg pasta (cooked to your preference)

Fillet Steak
Imported Tenderloin Rp. 240    Local Tenderloin Rp. 158
served with a selection of seasonal vegetables and either French fries, baked potato, mashed potato or garlic mashed potato, together with your choice of sauce - béarnaise, green peppercorn, or herb butter

GF Tongseng kambing Rp. 85
tender slices of imported lamb with vegetables, stewed with coconut milk and tasty Indonesian spices, served with steamed rice

(v) Baked Aubergine with Mozzarella and Tomato Rp. 85
served with brown rice

GF Saté Rp. 82
skewers of marinated chicken, lamb, or pork served over hot embers at your table with a delicious peanut sauce and steamed rice

GF Chicken Provençal Rp. 88
pan fried boneless chicken breast with tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, garlic and herbs, served with green beans and sautéed potatoes

Pork Piccata Milanese Rp. 95
thin slices of pork loin sautéed in egg and parmesan cheese, topped with a tasty ham and mushroom sauce, and served on a bed of egg pasta

(v) Vegetable Mornay Rp. 75
steamed fresh seasonal vegetables, smothered in mornay sauce

GF Thai Roast Duck Curry Rp. 110
- in Thai, 'Gaeng Phed Phet Yang'.
Tender pieces of duck breast in a delicious thick Thai red curry with aubergine, tomato and pineapple. Served with steamed rice

Fish and Chips Rp. 120
pieces fresh fillet of today's fish from the market, served with side salad

Beef Curry Rp. 110
a Poppies favourite since the early days, served with white rice and garlic bread

(v) Vegetable Curry Rp. 73
popular since the 70s, served with brown rice and garlic bread

Thai Chicken Curry Rp. 85
Thailand's favourite 'Gaeng Keow Wan Gai' - tender chicken pieces in a fragrant green curry, with eggplant, lime leaves, and galangal

Nasi Campur Rp. 85
steamed rice with a changing daily selection of tasty accompaniments such as chicken, beef, shrimps, beancurd and vegetables, cooked in Balinese spices and herbs

GF Ikan Pepes Rp. 75
filleted fish with Balinese spices, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. Served with local-style vegetables and steamed rice

Soto Ayam Rp. 57
Java's popular and substantial chicken and glass noodle soup, served with steamed rice - add your own hot sambal sauce

(v) Ratatouille Rp. 74
served with parmesan cheese and garlic bread

Mie Goreng Rp. 65
an Indonesian favourite - fried noodles with shrimps and vegetables

Lobster - minimum 350 gm. each (as available or 24 hours in advance) Rp. 150 per 100 gm.
prepared according to your preference: • butter garlic sauce • thermidor • poached in white wine and herb broth • sautéed with orange sauce • stir fried with black pepper sauce • char-grilled with café de Paris - served with salad


Your choice of Penne, Spaghetti, or Fettuccine

Marinara - seafood and tomato sauce Rp. 98

(v) Napolitana or Arrabiata Rp. 76
- tomatoes, basil, oregano - spicy if you prefer

Pesto and Sundried Tomato Rp. 88
- with basil, parmesan, pine nuts, and bacon

Carbonara - bacon, cream, and parmesan Rp. 90

Bolognese - traditional Italian meat sauce Rp. 94


Eggs Benedict Rp. 49

(v) Eggs Florentine Rp. 48
poached eggs on a bed of spinach, with hollandaise sauce

Beefburger Rp. 62
served with French fries

Cheeseburger Rp. 67
served with French fries

Poppies Club Sandwich Rp. 66
served with French fries

Garlic Bread Rp. 36 with Cheese Rp. 42
favourites since the 70s, made our own way

Jumbo Jaffle Rp. 43
the ideal toasted sandwich - any combination

GF Omelette Rp. 44
three eggs, Spanish or Cheese and Ham

GF (v) French Fries Rp. 42


all items may be served with Ice Cream, Home-made Yoghurt, or Whipped Cream  add Rp. 27

GF Bali Fruit Salad Rp. 39
prepared from a wide selection of fresh fruits in season

GF Crème Caramel Rp. 43
extra smooth and creamy

Pancakes, Flambeé à l'Orange Rp. 60
flamed with Grand Marnier

GF Chocolate Mousse Rp. 43

Banana Pancakes Rp. 35
with honey or lemon or jam

GF Black Rice Pudding Rp. 35
a delicious local dish, sweetened with palm sugar and served with coconut milk

Mango Cream Cheesecake (seasonal) Rp. 55
the famous Kopi Pot recipe

Creme Brulée Rp. 43
topped with marinated fruits

Choice of Ice Cream Sundae Rp. 43

Banana Split Rp. 41    Fried Bananas Rp. 35

A selection of Ice Creams - mix and match Rp. 37

Home-made Yoghurt Rp. 35
plain, or with fresh fruit, with honey, with strawberries (as available), with chocolate


Long Black, Flat White, Espresso (short or long), Cappuccino, Café Latte, Machiatto (short or long)
Bali Rp. 33     Italian or Decaffeinated Rp. 36

Vienna Coffee Rp. 38

Bali Coffee (plunger) small Rp. 30 or large Rp. 37

Irish Coffee, Jamaican Coffee Rp. 95

Poppies Special Iced Coffee (with ice cream) Rp. 42

Iced Cappuccino Rp. 33

Iced Café Latte Rp. 33


English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Other Fine Teas Rp. 27

Java Tea Rp. 23

Iced Java Tea (by glass) Rp. 23


Hot Milk Chocolate Rp. 35

Iced Chocolate (with ice cream) Rp. 42

Iced Frappuccino Rp. 33


Milkshake Rp. 38
creamy and delicious - vanilla, strawberry (as available), chocolate, coffee

Lassi Rp. 38
a delicious drink made with sweetened iced yoghurt plain, or with fresh fruit, with honey, with strawberries (as available), with chocolate

Iced Fruit Juices Rp. 28
choice of fruits in season

Freshly Squeezed Pure Orange Juice Rp. 38

Pure Carrot Juice Rp. 45

Fruit Juice (regular) Rp. 32
orange, pineapple, or tomato

Fresh Lime Soda Rp. 33

Fresh Milk Rp. 29

Canned Soft Drinks Rp. 24

Mineral Water (small) Rp. 15

Sparkling Mineral Water (small) Rp. 25 (large) Rp. 38


Bintang or Anker (small) Rp. 35 (large) Rp. 49

Bintang ‘Radler’ Rp. 38
beer and lemon (2% alc.)

Bintang Crystal Rp. 38
(4,3% alc.)

San Miguel (small) Rp. 40 (large) Rp. 52

Corona Rp. 68


- Our Wine List changes frequently


Poppies Pina Colada
- now world famous, served in a hand-carved coconut
Rp. 175

Any other house special Rp. 110
choose from
Fresh Frozen Banana Daiquiri
Fresh Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri
Mai Tai
Bailey’s Comet
Tequila Sunrise
Uluwatu Sunset Cooler


choose an aperitif from
(dry, sweet, or bianco)
Rp. 65 or with mixer Rp. 75


Arak (local spirit, made from rice)
Rp. 35 or with mixer Rp. 45

Arak Madu Rp. 42

choose a spirit from
Canadian Whisky
Irish Whisky
Scotch Whisky

Rp. 70 or with mixer Rp. 80
Premium Brand spirits Rp. 96
or with mixer Rp. 106

Please note that unless otherwise stated we only use imported liquors – this in not the norm in Kuta these days


choose from
Bloody Mary
Planter’s Punch
Blue Hawaii
Brandy Lime And Soda
Singapore Sling
Fog Cutter
Soul Kiss
Harvey Wallbanger
Tom Collins
Long Island Tea
Rp. 110


choose from
Water Melon Martini
Lychee Martini
Black Russian
Midori Sour
White Russian
Espresso Martini
Blue Margarita
B 52
Cappuccino Martini
Rp. 110

Arak Attack Rp. 65

choose from
(dry, or sweet)
(dry, or sweet)
Cuba Libre
Pink Gin
Rusty Nail
Gin Fizz
(dry, or sweet)
Gin Sour
Whisky Sour
Gin Squash
Rp. 102


Poppies famous Virgin Pina Colada Rp. 90
served in a hand carved coconut (no alcoholic)

Shirley Temple Rp. 36

Poppies Fruit Punch Rp 40


All ingredients of these cocktails are by Bali Moon, a local producer

choose from
Fruity Cooler
Ginger Martini
Lime Crush
Pluto’s Punch
Lychee Nursery
Cosmic Colada
Planet Melon
Star Passion
Tropical Moon
Whisky Smash
Moon Struck
Strawberry Melon Drop
Rp. 75


brands as available

Armagnac Rp. 225

Cognac XO Rp. 240

Cognac VSOP Rp. 130

choose from
Irish Coffee
Brandy Alexander
Jamaican Coffee
Kahlua Milk
Rp. 95

choose from
Amaretto Crème De Menthe
Apricot Brandy
Blue Curacao
Grand Marnier
Cherry Brandy
Crème De Bananes
Crème De Cacao
(white or dark)
Southern Comfort
Tia Maria
Rp. 90

Imported brands are difficult to obtain - we ask for your understanding if your choice is not available

Prices subject to 7% service and 10% tax
(all prices in thousands)